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End Of Tenancy

Security of mind, deposit and asset

Are you a tenant looking to return a property in order to secure your deposit return?


Or a landlord preparing for new occupants? Either way, Clean House Services will offer peace of mind and a top-quality service.


For landlords:


•    Improved occupancy rates – a quick, reliable turnaround leaves a property immediately ready for viewing or for occupation.

•    Fewer complaints – your brand name is affected by the standard of the properties…for better or for worse.

•    Professional standards – we provide a checklist to evidence what has been cleaned.


For tenants:


•    Frees up your time – moving out is stressful enough without having to clean up as you go.

•    Peace of mind -  if there are stains/marks that can be removed, we will remove them.

•    Completeness – our checklist evidences what has been cleaned to a professional standard.


Our End-of-Tenancy cleaning services are only available to towns and villages within a 20-mile radius of Reading.

Jobs included

All rooms

•    Removing cobwebs

•    Cleaning of internal facings of all windows

•    Cleaning of window frames and sills

•    Cleaning of doors, frames and skirting boards

•    Cleaning of radiators and pipework

•    Cleaning out fireplaces and wood burners

•    Cleaning of lights, fittings, switches and sockets

•    Cleaning of bannisters, spindles and handrails

•    Vacuuming carpets

•    Vacuuming and mopping hard floors

Kitchens and  utility rooms

•    Cleaning of worktops

•    Cleaning of cupboards and inside drawers

•    Cleaning and degreasing of tiling and splashbacks

•    Degreasing of extractor

•    Cleaning of hob and rings

•    Cleaning of sink and taps (descaling if required)

•    Cleaning of Appliances

•    Ovens, fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, soap dispensers...etc

Furnished rooms


•    Removing furniture from surfaces, cleaning and replacing

•    Cleaning inside cupboards, drawers and wardrobes

•    Removing and vacuuming of upholstery

Bathrooms and Cloakrooms

•    Cleaning and descaling of tiles

•    Cleaning and descaling of shower screens and fittings

•    Cleaning and descaling of taps, fitting and surrounding areas

•    Cleaning and descaling of bathtubs and sinks

•    Cleaning and descaling to toilets, including outside and pipes

•    Cleaning of inside the vanity units

•    Polishing mirrors


Our prices depend on the type & size of the property, and the complexity of the work.

They will not, however, differ significantly from the ones listed.

Studio flat:
£170 + VAT
1 bedroom flat/house
£255 + VAT
1 bedroom house/flat
£195 + VAT
2 bedroom flat
£280 + VAT
2 bedroom flat, 1 bathroom
£235 + VAT
2 bedroom house
£350 + VAT
2 bedroom flat, 2 bathrooms
£255 + VAT
3 bedroom flat
£395 + VAT
2 bedroom house, 1 bathroom
£275 +VAT
3 bedroom house
£450 + VAT
2 bedroom house, 2 bathrooms
£280 + VAT
4 bedroom flat
£520 + VAT
3 bedroom flat, 1 bathroom
£300 + VAT
4 bedroom house
£550 + VAT
3 bedroom flat, 2 bathrooms
£320 + VAT
5 bedroom flat
£585 + VAT
3 bedroom house
£340 + VAT
5 bedroom house
£600 + VAT
4 bedroom flat
£350 + VAT
6 or more bedrooms
price on negotiation
4 bedroom house
£365 + VAT
5 bedroom flat
£400 + VAT
5 bedroom house
£480 + VAT
6 or more bedroom flat/house
price on negotiation
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