Post Bulding Work

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‘Big mess’ such as equipment, materials, or tools is easy to clear away after a building project…it’s the ‘little mess’ which gets everywhere and is so hard to get rid of  - welcome to the wonderful world of dust! 


Clean House Services has a range of proprietary methods and techniques for getting rid of all that dust which has embedded itself throughout your new building. 


Builders will clean-up to varying degrees of success after a job is finished. However, cleaning is generally not their forte and they always have the next job in mind. 


If a thorough clean is not undertaken immediately post-building work, the following issues could present themselves over time:


  • Embedded dust – this lodges in all the hard-to-reach corners of your new build and slowly detatches over time, onto furniture, carpets and cushions.

  • Health issues – air quality will be affected which can be problematic for the old, the young, or those in ill-health.

  • Allergies – dust particles small enough to be inhaled may cause hayfever, sneezing, or asthma attacks. 



Our Event Cleaning services are only available to towns and villages within a 10-mile radius of Reading.

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