Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Tread with confidence


Large areas with heavy traffic demand specialist equipment and know-how.


Only a professional commercial cleaning company can manage the deep clean necessary to keep your office carpets in tip-top condition.

We currently clean for a wide range of commercial establishments including:


  • Hotels & B&Bs

  • Letting agents

  • Schools

  • Nurseries

  • Village halls 

  • Pubs

  • Offices

  • Doctor's surgeries

  • …and many others.

Office carpets are very different from those in a residential home:

People wear shoes around an office − this transfers across a huge amount of dirt and germs from the outside world.

People eat and drink at their desks − this introduces a wide range of potential health hazards, allergies, and odours. 

The movement of equipment around offices can give rise to ‘heavy stains’ such as oil and ink, which require specialist attention.

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A clean office is much more than just window-dressing:

It encourages employees to take a pride in their working environment and to observe best-practise hygiene procedures.

It aids productivity.

It leaves a positive impression upon clients.



Our Event Cleaning services are only available to towns and villages within a 10-mile radius of Reading.

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