Carpets, Sofas And Curtains Looking Like New

At Clean House Services, we pride ourselves in our carpet and upholstery cleaning service. With our non-toxic detergents, we'll make your rugs & chairs stand out and smell nice again.

Over time carpets can accumulate dust and dirt, lose volume and softness, and their colour may fade.

It is recommended to have your domestic carpets cleaned at least once a year, especially for families with children or pets.

Commercial premises receive far higher level of footfall than domestic properties, and for that reason we offer regular carpet cleaning in a period of your choice.

With our professional equipment even the heaviest carpets will dry fast, and can be fully used again within 2 hours.

Domestic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Faded colours, accumulated dust, pet hair, grime or stains? Our skilled staff can take care of all these issues for you! They are professionals and will move away most of the furniture - so no need to worry about that either.


While they're at it, they can also clean any of your soft furnishings - sofas, chairs, cushions, mattresses, etc. Interested? Drop us a line.

No carpets or upholstery? Our domestic cleaning services range much more than that. Window cleaning, ironing, silverware polishing? Have a look at some others.

We're honest about our pricing. The following is a typical price list for a medium-sized house. Prices depend on the size of the cleaned area. If you want to be sure, we'll give you a precise estimate over a telephone or after a personal visit.



Minimum Charge



£25 - £45

Carpeted Lounge

£30 - £55

Carpeted Stairs

£30 - £40

Carpeted Landing

£15 - £35

Carpeted Hallway

£15 - £45


£15 - £25







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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Who is this for

Many organisations benefit from commercial carpet cleaning to maintain great hygiene levels, attractive presentation for customers, and better workplace for employees. These include:

  • Hotels, Bed and breakfast, Letting agents

  • Schools, Nurseries

  • Village halls, Pubs

  • Offices, Doctor's surgeries, and others

Flexible Timetable

We understand that company operations are of paramount importance. Each organisation prefers diffent time and day to have the carpets cleaned.


That is why we offer flexible time schedule to avoid interference with normal run of your business. Our team is able to clean the carpets in the early morning, after hours, or late at night. ​

Depending on the size of your organisation and the level of soiling, we can offer regular daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or a one-off cleaning service at a time that suits you.

Pricing and other services

Commercial carpet cleaning ranges from just £2 per square meter. Whether you're a small business or a large company, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll prepare a cleaning process tailored to your needs.

Our company also offers other commercial services including full-range office cleaning. See other services.

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